Alessandro Giorgi

Alessandro Giorgi (b. 1989) is a self-taught Italian artist, currently living and working in Munich, Germany. Born in a small village in the south-coast Sicily; during his studies in architecture he moved to different European cities increasing his interest for art and illustrations.
Main themes of Giorgi´s colorful drawings are the complexity of identity and human nature. Who are we? What defines us? Can we be something different just by putting on a mask? Where are our limits, our outlines?
Common to all his works is the unexpected contrast between the colorful shapes and the gloomy aura that surrounds them. The recurring motives of masks, costumes and dynamic figures in his compositions are like small windows into other absurd universes.
The „why?“ makes room for „why not?“ and the same creative freedom, started from a pencil drawing, continues in his mixed media techniques.
His prolific work is exhibited in European circuits and sold internationally. 

Alessandro Giorgi

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