Dasha Minkina

I create moods. 
I look inside. 

Painting is my language of choice to create dream worlds that invite to feel. In my pictures I deal with the interpersonal –  the invisible but noticeable emotional web that connects us as individuals, makes us whole, and defines being human. My works combine abstraction and figuration in multi-layered portraiture that captures emotion and vibrancy, and resists sticking to a single reading. In a way, my paintings turn inward, telling open-ended stories ready to unfold in the viewer.

My personal story is part of my creative approach. Born in Soviet Siberia in early 1980s, childhood in Ukraine, emigration to Germany in the 1990s –  belonging somewhere was and still is difficult. Self-reflection and the urge to understand human communication became my focus – both personally and artistically. Basically summarized: I am painting the human to create a connection. As a counterweight to our fast-paced, goal-oriented and mechanized world, I want to encourage reconnection with the emotional—both with oneself and with others.

Dasha Minkina
Visual Artist
Studio: Kunstlabor2
Dachauerstr. 90

E-Mail: dasha.minkina@gmail.com
Web: www.dashaminkina.com
Instagram: dashaminkina_painter