Doeke de Walle

In his work Doeke de Walle (Seattle,1978) displays a search for dynamic lines with tension and balance, resulting in harmonic compositions. His style is influenced by Automotive Design and Graffiti. 

Works vary from character design to (semi) abstract paintings and sculptural drawings, all starting out as pencil sketches. Some are transferred onto canvas using acrylics and spray paints, some are digitally edited.

Doeke was born in Seattle where he spent his first five years. When his Dutch parents decided to move back to Delft in the Netherlands, they continued to spend every summer in the USA. 
During those summers he discovered skateboarding, at about 10 years old. This steadily grew into one of his biggest passions up until this day. Skateboarding also introduced him to the strong visual language of skate graphics and graffiti, which is still a great source of inspiration to him. 

Doeke studied Industrial Design Engineering at the TUDelft in the Netherlands. Through drawing classes there, he developed a deeper understanding of three-dimensional shapes which also began to reflect in his drawings. 

His interest for Automotive Design was also sparked during this time, additionally fed by expressive sketches in magazines like Auto & Design. After completing an internship and a Master Thesis at design studio Pininfarina in Turin, Italy, Doeke continued to work there as a transportation designer. After 5 years he moved to Munich to work at BMW as Interior Designer. Doeke currently lives in Pforzheim and works at Porsche AG as leader of the Interior Advanced Design Team. 

Doeke de Walle
Instagram: doekedesign