Giannis Michalopoulos

Born in Berlin and raised in Greece, I discovered  my love and passion for photography when my daughter was born. I wished to capture every moment with her, that’s how I ended up with a camera in my hands. And so my story began…

After a while playing around with the camera and learning the basics of photography I started with the post-processing and editing. This is the moment when I realised that this was not just another hobby, but a special connection between me and every single image  that I captured.

At  first I started shooting  landscapes and sunsets during my holidays in Greece and Spain but travelling wasn’t always easy at that time as we had just started a family. Since I wanted to try different things out, I started to explore Munich, where I live with my wife and my daughter, shooting interesting architecture pieces and spiral staircases. Influenced by other photographers and artists I met along the journey, I focused on street photography, which totally changed my way of shooting and editing.

JaMi Photoart
Dreimühlenstraße 35
80469, München

Instagram: j_michalopoulos_photography

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