Giovanni Lora

Giovanni Lora is an artist born in 1956 who studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice in the class of Emilio Vedova. Today, he lives and works in Vicenza, Italy. 
His speciality are micro-drawings (microdisegni), steel constructions (sculture), and small sculptures made from metal wire (ferruzzi). In his works, figures can be seen dancing in elegant movements, pole vaulting, hammer throwing, weightlifting, or balancing on a tightrope. Occasionally, he arranges the objects with light to create enlarged shadow plays on the wall.
In his art, Giovanni is limiting himself to the bare essentials. He tries out how much of the non-essential can be waived in order to express human postures and concise gestures in a significant way. He relies on the viewer who compliments the work with his imagination thereby creating a variety of aspects. This is precisely why his smart creations are such a great source of pleasure.

Giovanni Lora
Viale del Lavoro 10
36100 Vicenza

Tel: +39 329 2986045
Instagram: giovannilora.immagineria