gorilloSTUDIO by Simon Preissinger

Simon Preissinger is a munich based cinematographer and photographer. he is the founder of gorilloSTUDIO a project for digital cross over art and nft collaborations with all kind of artists from pop culture, music, sports and film industries.

Since he took his first steps in the film industry his photo camera has always been a companion for more than 15 years. the job as a cinematographer takes him to breathtaking places allover the world and enables him to meet all these beautiful souls on his way.

Open minded for new techniques and technologies led him to his first NFT exhibition. 7 cinematic stills of his wide portfolio were created as NFTs for large digital canvas and the big screen. 

His fascination by the world we live in and how he can interpret it turns moments into images. spatial awareness and the feeling for light runs through all his work in some shape or form. Simon‘s photography journey is creating fiction out of reality.
gorilloSTUDIO is focused on user experience – „from the moment to the wall“. NFT art is a way of digital interaction with our collectors. we love NFTs and bring it to your home!


by Simon Preissinger
E-Mail: gorillostudio@gmail.com
Web: www.gorilloSTUDIO.com

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Instagram: simonpreissinger
Twitter: thisisgorillo