Laura Vela

Laura Vela is an emerging artist of Latvian origin. Studied piano, gaining masters degree in Information Technology and then masters degree in painting at the Art Academy of Latvia.
Laura Vela uses identity, time and transgenerational trauma research as inspiration for her artworks. In the recent years the artist focuses on developing her own technique combining old school of painting and drawing with new media and materials. The main impulse comes from social environment, searching for her own identity and creating a bridge from the past to future.
The artist mainly focuses on paintings as media, but also creates installations and video art.
On year 2021 Laura Vela receives Nordic & Baltic Young Artist Painter Award 2020 for her masters degree multimedia installation “Time.Identity”.
Since 2014 she has been participating in local and international group exhibitions and has had 6 solo shows. Laura Vela’s artworks are located in private collections in Latvia, United States, the Netherlands, Austria, France and Germany.

Laura Vela
Instagram: artist_laura_vela