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MAG – Magazzeno Art Gallery is an art gallery committed to display and promote urban, contemporary and emerging art. Founded in Ravenna in 2016 by Alessandra Carini, the gallery focuses on works influenced by urban environments, pop culture, graphics and illustration. The gallery wants to bring this form of arts to a wider audience, trying to eliminate the barriers that exist between traditional institutions, art galleries, collectors and random visitors. The exhibitions highlight national and international artists, free to express themselves without preconceptions or constrictions.

In 2020 the gallery moved to the city center of Ravenna on the first floor of a historical palace built in 1836 where contemporary and ancient art coexist and reinforce one another. Every year the gallery fosters a series of residencies for emerging artists during the Summer called Equidistanze, which takes place in a mansion in the country side in the heart of Romagna region. From the beginning MAG collaborates with Bonobolabo, an Italian brand specialized in urban culture, which works with the most important street artists and illustrators all over the world since 2011.

Directors: Alessandra Carini and Marco Miccoli, founder of Bonobolabo

Represented artists at STROKE:

Born in 1983 in Genova (Italy). Well known for his giant robots built from upcycled materials descarded by the industrial process, marked with an oppidan shape and color, his massive (or tiny) pieces talk about the everyday alienating city life issues.

Anna Never
Born in 1981 and based in Bologna. Her paintings are imaginary scenarios, existing in other possible dimensions where replications of empty cities and mysterious buildings lie in an indefinite time, in which her characters, even though they could appear silent and still, are not defeated, try to convey through their eyes the need to fight against anything that would subdue them.

Born in Bologna in 1985. When he was 17, he started to collaborate with skate and surf companies, that allowed him to discover punk hardcore subculture. He is now very popular in USA for his sacrilegious art which includes religious figures and cartoon characters.
Tanja Hirschfeld
Born in 1971 in Rome and now based in Munich, Hirschfeld is a German-Italian contemporary artist. Her work topic consists in mixing and melting different cultures which reveal themselves into the feminine figure.

Elisabetta Cardella
Born in 1980, lives and works in Tuscany. She explores the relationship between the body and nature, creating a dialogue between traditional art forms and new media, bringing contemporary imagination to revisit classical compositions.

Limited edition skateboards by Bonobolabo here

Ravo Mattoni / Ericailcane / Laurina Paperina / Zed1

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