Nadja Stolarski

Nadja is a German – Polish Illustrator and visual artist recently based between Amsterdam and Munich. Her early fascination for the vitality of nature and science, such as archaeology, since ever influenced her work. By implementing elements of mythologies and with fairy – tallish characteristics she will draw you into her work with a vivid and enchanted world filled with anthropomorphistic figures. On both, a small-scale as well as a big scale canvas and with a range of analog and digital mediums, her work tells stories from nature’s eyes and illuminates the vital life within it.

The Foam Sculptures

Since the beginning of mankind, we have been constructing mythologies to make sense of the struggle between humans and nature. We created myths about gods and natural forces punishing humans for rejecting the laws of the natural world. A myth then deals with meteorological and cosmological phenomena, in which gods represent natural forces. Often myths are timeless, which means that their place in the past (or the future) is indefinite.

The foam sculptures represent god-like creatures of the Anthropocene. The artwork is inspired by ancient mythologies and shows characteristics of ancient artwork; using engraved foam as the main technique to tell the story.

Nadja Stolarski
Instagram: nadunia_