As a Gallery and showroom we aim to create a trusted space for collectors while dedicating  our priority towards the artists and their development. At NUC our goal is to work for and with  the artists. 
Just like our artists, our collectors will expect to be treated individually, to their specific needs and interests. NUC was founded out of need to establish an Urban-Contemporary Art venue in the  Engadine, being a direct partner of Honey Badger Decks GmbH we wanted to expose and  present the works, friendships and partnerships which have developed through  collaborations and international expositions over the years. Along side exposing HBD’s Artist  Collaborated Longboards, we will also be strongly focusing on exposing works from our large  roster of artists, which encompass a large spectrum of the Urban-Contemporary movement. Graffiti Pop by Bustart all the way to Photography by Federico Radaelli, while passing through collaborated Longboards and sculptures (Carl Kenz). 
BustArt replenishes his life through his Graffiti pop works on one hand by skillful self-taught techniques and on the other hand in the use of cartoon characters as well as influences from his childhood. BustArt is a neo – pop artist which feels entitled to tear characters and icons from their contexts and provide a broader sense through new compositions.
But why tentacles?By using tentacles or tentacle-izm, the artist shows new perspectives based on a frightening and disgusting creature. A closer look shows that the tentacle is a lovable being. This way not only ideals of beauty are questioned but also prejudices are refuted. It shows the game of existence and appearances, reality and imagination, simulation and its antonym. “Everything you can imagine is real.” (Picasso) Even in his spare time, Kenz successfully lives out his affinity to water. He will soon qualify for the Olympics with his synchronized swimming group “Tent A QUAllen” and thus further popularize the Martian swimming team…

Thierry Niggeler                                 
NUC Gallery                                     
Plazza da Scoula 10E
7500 St. Moritz

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