Renate Höfer

I live and work in a small village close to the lake Chiemsee and the Bavarian alps. This beautiful nature is my daily muse. I see patterns in plants, trees, the sky, the moving water and in the structure of the rocks. For me these are energy codes from life itself.
While drawing I follow my inner impulse which flows intuitively into a form. During work I feel simply connected to this life energy. Colors and shapes are full of energy. I am using this profound truth to make a positive statement with my artworks. Round shapes and sensitive color stories are my typical expression. With the aura of my oeuvre I like to give the viewer a sensual pleasure. Through the calm charisma I invite to dive into the energy flow and refuel.
For my work I fuse together analog and digital processes. My skills span a range of media including ink drawings, photo, pattern printed on silk and handcrafted wallhangers. Digital media are in use to transform the handmade expression. 

RA-AM ARTS by Renate Höfer
Instagram: renate.hoefer