SEMIRA (Iryna Fedorenko) is a contemporary Ukrainian artist.
Born in Mariupol, lived and worked in Kyiv, until she was forced to leave Ukraine at the beginning of the war and went with her son and mother to Munich, Germany. In her work she combines different techniques, styles and genres, constantly experimenting. She mostly works in two directions – painting (mostly portraits) and graphics (on old antique paper, using a variety of artistic materials: watercolor, ink). She exhibits her work under the creative alias SEMIRA.

Iryna Fedorenko is one of the most famous Ukrainian artists. Almost 20 years of creative work. More than 40 exhibitions in galleries and museums of Ukraine, Europe, USA and China – for the last two years. Her works have been exhibited at London and New York auctions of contemporary art, in the Parliament of Ukraine, in famous European museums. You can find her works in the private collections in Ukraine, Europe, USA, in the private collection of the Director of the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art and in the private collection of Andy Warhol’s family. Iryna takes an active part in charity events.  Iryna has raised more than 1 million UAH for charity through art in the last two years.

March 2020, Iryna received an award for her contribution to the development of Ukrainian art and art management and became one of the TOP-100 outstanding women in Kyiv city. September 2020, Iryna became the Laureate of the Second National Award „Best Ukrainian Woman in the Profession“ as an Artist. December 2020 – Laureate of the project „Leaders of Ukraine“ in the nomination Artist of the Year.May 2021 – Laureate of the III National Award „The Best Professional Ukrainian“, Fine Arts. May 2021 – Laureate of the National Rating „TOP-100 successful women in Kyiv city“. An award for a significant contribution to building a decent standard of living, a high level of human culture and economic development of Ukraine. Iryna is also known as an active member of the biggest nongovernmental copyright protection organization (NGO UACRR).

Iryna is not only an artist, but also a professional art critic. She studied painting, culture and art at the National Academy of Management of Culture and Art of Ukraine, had internship at The Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art and at the Museum of Ukrainian Art in Slovakia, had internship at The Italian Ca’Foscari University of Venice, had internship and participated in conferences in Boston (USA), Oxford and Cambridge (England). Iryna is actively involved in the promotion of contemporary art in Ukraine. She founded Ukrainian art project #Names and two international art projects: the exhibition „DIFFERENT X“ and the International Festival of Contemporary Art „TRACE“.

Iryna Fedorenko pays special attention to portraits, as she loves to draw eyes in her works. As she says, the depth of people’s eyes is an endless source of inspiration. Faces and eyes are the best mirrors of the characters and inner world of the characters, their feelings and emotions.

SEMIRA (Iryna Fedorenko)
Tel. +38 0970750068
Handy: +49 151 728 12597

Facebook: SEMIRA