Tetiana Cherevan

Tetiana Cherevan is a Ukrainian artist and human of the world. Born in Cherkasy, Ukraine in 1975. Lives and works in Ukraine and Thailand. Graduated from Cherkasy Arts College and Cherkasy National University.

Explores the boundaries of the human body, admissible and inadmissible, the topic of sexuality and taboos. She is inspired by oriental traditions and the glorification of sexuality in Japanese and Thai culture. In parallel with this, she studies the traditional attitude of Ukrainians to sexuality, with prohibitions and restrictions that existed in Ukraine throughout the Soviet era. She investigates barriers and horizons in expressing this sexuality. Her mission is to encourage women to look at themselves with admiration by subtly depicting her individuality and rich inner world.

Tetiana Cherevan
Tel. +380932353331

Instagram: tetianacherevan
Facebook:  cherevanart