Yelena Vakker

Yelena’s art is an immersive experience deeply rooted between the lines and forms of our geometric world. Based in Munich, Germany, Yelena is an artist, designer and maker, who creates a phantasmagoria of shapes and labyrinths and gets her inspiration from artists like M.C. Esher, de Cherico and Emma Kunz. Her passion for complex worlds and 2- and 3- dimensional space also extends itself into her landscape miniatures – where untouched nature is reduced down into its most delicate and simplest form.
Yelena’s art also goes beyond the screen and sculptures – fashion, entertainment and metaverse are the latest areas where you can experience her works.

Previous exhibitions:
2019 – Art Basel Art Weeks
2019 – Stroke Art Fair
2018 – The Raritan Gallery
2016 – 500 Artists say Hello Exhibition

Yelena Vakker
Instagram: yelenavakker
Twitter: yelenavakker