Jacky Landgraf

Jacky Landgraf remains consistent with his style of not having a set style. In his latest series of works, the Munich artist focuses on analog, expressive pop art collages. His handmade artworks deal with socio-political topics, provoke reflection or simply animate a winking smile. Humorous, frivolous easiness always remains a space.
The Collage Collection „Keep it real“ understands itself in good Jacky tradition as an analog antithesis to the digital madness and artificial products from Chat GPT & Co. His creations are minimalist, he uses the recycling of pop culture.

Jacky Landgraf 
E-Mail: art@jacky-landgraf.de
Web: www.jacky-landgraf.de

Instagram: jackylandgraf
Facebook: JackyLandgrafArt