Lotte Teussink

Lotte Teussink (1982) is a Dutch artist creating dreamlike paintings. In a surrealistic style her themes evolve around human consciousness, psychology and the metaphysical realm. 
Since 2009, Lotte Teussink has developed an unmistakable aesthetic that combines childlike fantasy with deeper psychological implications, often accentuated by subtle gothic overtones. Her artworks engage in uncommon yet effective and dreamlike ways, revealing mysterious aspects of human personality that are normally hidden from day-to-day view. She further accentuates her subjects by painting them into either enigmatic dark backgrounds or imaginative settings colored in purposely unnatural ways. In so doing, Lotte creates a balance that is harmonious, fragile, and revealing in accessible ways.

Lotte Teussink

Tel.: 0031 6 22970369

Simon Stevinweg 21
The Netherlands


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