Maksim Primo and Ivan Fansta


„Faces & Letters“ is a collaborative project by two masters of their craft, Maksim Primo and Ivan Fansta.

In this unique collaboration, first artist Fansta brings depth and expressiveness through the art of lettering and calligraphy, enlivening canvases with quotes from great individuals. These words serve not only as a background but as the soul of each painting, giving it a special meaning and richness.

The second artist Primo, a master of realism and oil painting, passionately applies layers of paint to create portraits of faces over this magical world of words. These faces, drawn with a transparent layer, interact with the text in such a way that the art of calligraphy and portrait painting merge into one, creating an incredible visual effect. This delicate balance between text and image allows viewers to not only see but feel the mix of the two styles, inviting them into a deep contemplative process about the eternal truths contained in the words of great people.

„Faces & Letters“ offers a new perspective on art, showing how great thoughts and beautiful images can come together to tell us something important.

Maksim Primo and Ivan Fansta

Instagram Maksim Primo: maksimprimoart
Instagram Ivan Fansta: fanstaknado