Nadja Stolarski

Nadja aka Nadunia is a German – Polish Illustrator and visual artist recently based between Amsterdam and Munich. Her early fascination for the vitality of nature and science, such as archaeology, since ever influenced her work. By implementing elements of mythologies and with fairy – tallish characteristics she will draw you into her work with a vivid and enchanted world filled with anthropomorphistic figures. 
On both, a small-scale as well as a big scale canvas and with a range of analog and digital mediums, her work tells stories from nature’s eyes and illuminates the vital life within it. 
She enjoys working with different mediums ranging from traditional drawing, digital craft to woodwork; whilst keep exploring different styles and techniques. 

About the sculptures

A lively representation of the sky reveals a world full of fascinating animal creatures that take the viewers‘ hearts by storm with their playfulness and innocence. The color scheme of this celestial scene reflects the soft and calming tones of the sky, from delicate blues and whites to the golden rays of the sun breaking through the clouds. The animals that dance majestically through this heavenly landscape radiate an aura of purity and joy. Each creature seems to embody a message of hope and magic hidden deep in the clouds lies, while exploring their innocent curiosity about the world around them. In this magical image of heaven and its creatures inhabitants, the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred, and for a moment we can dream ourselves into the world beyond our imagination, where innocence reigns and the joy of play never ends. 

Nadja Stolarski
Instagram: nadunia_
TikTok: naduniaa_