PoP My DuKe

PoP My DuKe is the only art gallery in Luxembourg that simultaneously exhibits genuine urban artists, others from pop culture, plus amazing talent in optical illusions.

At PoP My DuKe, famous artists sit side by side with up-and-coming young talent. In our collection, you can find Keith Haring, Victor Vasarely, Andy Warhol, Mel Ramos and many more. Come and check out our selection of the most talented purveyors of emotion!

PoP My DuKe: a crazily colorful art gallery, whatever your budget!

Our Art Gallery is based in Luxembourg and soon in München (2022).

PoP My DuKe
Tel. +352 661 451 230
Web: www.popmyduke.lu
Instagram : popmyduke
Facebook : PopMyDuke
Youtube: PopMyDuke