Samy Halim

Born in 1974 in Algeria, French-Algerian artist Samy Halim was born in the mountainous region of northern Algeria and grew up in the largest palm grove in the country. Despite the turmoil of the civil war in Algiers during his youth, he pursued classical art training at the Higher School of Fine Arts. In 1994, he relocated to Paris, where he honed his skills as a graphic designer and art director for 15 years before establishing his own illustration studio in 2011. Halim’s unique technique blends hand-drawn and digital elements, capturing the essence of his early memories while embracing the vitality of urban culture from his formative years. Inspired by the exuberance of the Memphis and Art Deco styles, his work reflects vibrant colors, powerful forms, and meticulous application reminiscent of these artistic movements. Influenced by his African upbringing, his art also showcases a deep appreciation for light, color, and the diversity of faces, striving to showcase the beauty and modernity of the continent.

Samy Halim
Tel.: +336 45 52 47 92

Instagram: samyhalimart
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