Susmar Pinango

Figurative drawing is, and always has been, one of the main aspects of my work. The need for lines of all kinds, with the cathartic (dis)charge that accompanies the meticulous repetition of strokes, is an essential element of my work. Every problem, every preoccupation that arises in any area of my life, from a purely aesthetic understanding to a physical domain, via psychological states, all finds a solution in drawing.
In my studio practice, these issues have translated into a more conscientious use of the materials, particularly the raw materials, that form the basis of my drawings. The choice of paper, pencils and recycled material is an important and recurring basis in the structure of my work, and all this is consistent with an important facet of my work: mutation. Over the last few years, I’ve moved house, town and country, and each change brings with it a new contextualisation and re-contextualisation. The exercise of the imagination is also a pillar of my creative routine.

Susmar Pinango
Raum 1D23 im Shaere
Fritz-Schäffer-Str. 9
81737 München

Instagram: unsuspiroenelmar